Modeling Respectful Christian Dialogue: A Resource for Election 2012

For those of you who would like to read a range of perspectives on some of the major domestic and foreign policy issues under discussion in Election 2012, I encourage you to join in the Alternative Political Conversation ( This project, created by Harold Heie, provides a forum for Christians to discuss a range of views on political topics.

I am one of the 6 regular contributors -- joining me are Paul Brink from Gordon College, Lisa Sharon Harper from Sojourners, David Gushee from Mercer University, Steve Monsma from Calvin College, and Eric Teetsel from the Manhattan Declaration. We represent different places on the ideological spectrum, but we all share a common faith in Jesus Christ and a common desire that our faith inform our political views.

Over the past several months, we have posted short essays on the role of government, abortion, education, guns, health care, immigration, Iran and Syria, Israel and Palestine, gay marriage, poverty, religious freedom, and the federal budget deficit.

APC Moderator  Harold Heie, Senior Fellow, Center for Christian Studies, Gordon College, explains the purpose of the conversation and his hope for the fruit it might bear:

"I anticipate a deluge of hyper-partisan and vitriolic political discourse leading up to the November 2012 elections, characterized by name-calling, demonization, and the impugning of motives. In stark contrast, the PURPOSE of this electronic conversation is to model an alternative political conversation in which Christians who situate themselves at various points on the political spectrum present their positions on some important public policy topics and engage each other in “respectful conversation” about anticipated differing points of view. 

My HOPE is that the results of this conversation will help Christians, and all other citizens, to clarify their own views on selected public policy issues, in preparation for their voting decisions in November 2012."

Consider visiting the site, reading some of our comments, and contributing your own thoughts to the dialogue. We welcome your participation! May we all be a part of encouraging respectful, God-honoring conversation this election season!