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Bridging the Great Divide, Part II: Key Components of Good Government

My last post offered some preliminary thoughts on why government is necessary. Here are a few more thoughts to continue the conversation. 

What are some of the key components of good government?

One of the most important government functions is maintaining the rule of law. Laws should reflect a concern for the general well-being of everyone and outline our responsibilities to one another as part of a political community. As such, they create clear boundaries for how people can live and work together peacefully.


Bridging the Great Divide, Part I: Government as God's Gift

Data from a recent Pew Center poll  suggest that political differences are creating a great divide in American society. Indeed, differences over partisan politics are even stronger than those based on race, class, and education. The area of greatest disagreement is over the role of government – voters are fundamentally divided about what government should do and how well it is achieving its goals.


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